Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Steve Tills, from LIFE SENTENCES 2018

Steve Tills, from LIFE SENTENCES 2018

LS 05-07-2018

Logan represented the new formalist
conservative genre, perhaps The New
Agrarian, that came to be known
in contemporary times (pick a decade)
as “Reality TV Criticism and Poe.”
The lone wolf hardly perplexed anyone.
Dimestore heirs come and go throughout
industrial literary ages. The standard
deduction 24,000 in 2018. More than
half a year’s income for most folks
filing joint income returns. “Wasted”
on two Yeungling Black and Tans
not acceptable language for poetry
written by alcoholics of better station
and the University ensconced. For this
condition, his was the rose of France
or the pose of facs or the prose of mucks.
He made a living in advance of dying
to live some days.  He stopped for nine
deer on the way to the nursing home
to see his dear father who was not
inebriated on just two beers or any.
The hospital lobby on the first floor
a fantasy of quiet shy of solitude
on the way down the contagious elevator.
Not quite right in the head seeing
in real time the several empty wheelchairs
awaiting father time and other time
in another fantasy of another day. The
first night to remember the man’s lovely
father lying fetal under Yankee blanket.

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