Sunday, May 13, 2018

Break-Through Means Resolution: Martha Treicher, Gwen Zimmerman, Marge Merrill

     Staying Power

Is there a difference
between Resoluteness
and Patience?

Sometimes there is
usually not.

      ---Martha Treicher

 A Poem of Break-through

A shift of consciousness
an open heart
Love and mystery abounds
in this magical world
Eyes open to a greater reality
that lies within

Let’s take a walk

      ---Gwendolyn Zimmerman


embrace the blanket
draw energy to core

mend socks
purl too
stir walnuts into oatmeal
be divorced from pen and ink
until it is time

until snowdrops
until migrations
until the first Saturday in May
until you feel

the slip of time
gathering edges
bursting at the seams

until your fingers quicken
with the sun
itch to cultivate pretty colors
in the blank paper garden

4/5/14        Marge Merrill

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