Monday, May 14, 2018

cloudburst poem by Martin Willitts, Jr.


Tender Moments

There is much to love in this world,
and much I’ve never seen, but can guess
easily has to be spectacular —

between two large stones and nowhere else,
opening green mouths like fledglings
these tongues of blue-purple violets.

The news occupies itself with danger
and terrible weather and leaders lying
straight-faced. You can have all of that.

A robin touches down, hopping across
the grass, not afraid of me.
This is a tender moment.

If you care to look for these moments,
sense a blush of sunrise; lilacs odors;
rain falling just enough, not more,

not less; a crow cocking its head
suspicious of the silence; or
violets returning every year.

                        --- Martin Willitts, Jr 

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