Tuesday, March 22, 2016


   On May 13, 14 and 15th the 5th Annual  Poetry and Poetics gathering  will again be held at the Gell Center near Naples, New York. Almost all of the poets in attendance last year are returning and a dozen or so new and past attending poets are adding their interest and expertise to the event. From a beginning five years ago when many poets were remarking they knew only a few of the others there until today when building on friendships among poets makes the Council a favorite Spring celebration now well established.

Main  Lodge at Gell Center

    Last year in the early morning hours of Sunday at the main lodge the question of  'How Do We Proceed?"Three copper coins were thrown by six different people. The I Ching (which is used as a CLOUDBURST COUNCIL fertilizer) told us to look at hexagram #31 for inspiration. The hexagram #31 image of "A lake on the mountain" harmonizes with the natural setting of of the Gell Center and
Finger Lakes Region. "The image counsels that the mind should be kept humble and free, so that it may remain receptive to good advice." Certainly keeping open minded can be a challenge whenever you gather artists, poets and opinions as we have year after year. Actually, open mindedness has been integral  to the CLOUDBURST COUNCIL success.  Looking at the hexagram #31 Influence (Wooing) as I write this today, I see it is also about uniting and how powers attract each other. This hexagram  is one of courtship and marriage and this Spring we find ourselves with John and Jules and Mark and Gail  both couples getting married just a few weeks after our gathering!

                                                                         --- Alan Casline
                                                                              March 23, 2016