Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cloudburst Poems by Scott Williams

The Kings Garden

Once there was a king whose daughter was beautiful.
He loved her very deeply and he wished to have more.

So he cut her into pieces, and each was an astonishing daughter.
Still he wished more and he cut those pieces into pieces,
and again each was a stunning girl.

He loved these so, that he cut the pieces of the pieces into pieces
and he loved each of the pieces of the pieces of the pieces so he induced.

When he was all done, with love he threw all the scattered remains
into the air so very high that when they fell to earth,
 rainbowed flowers bloomed and cantored at his feet.

Appeared in Peach Mag (2016) under a different title


                  Continuation Senryu for Basho

Meditation gong –

I can hear its ring for hours.

Against physics? Good!

“Continuation” appeared in Bonvibre Haiku (CWP Press 2017)

poems by Scott Williams

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