Thursday, May 17, 2012


Danger Zone
for Donna Summer (1948-2012)

The donation turned
loan that bought up
the gift, as heavy
metal in tincture grew
fury from stems
that tide not, root
loss and root false
that grows the lesser
evil, where ‘resplendent’
and ‘splinter’ feed
from the same stamen,
and rootless are
the birds but in our own
perception, for they
ground the air so
heard, and have air
as ground, where we
stand, up or out,
coward to be proved
in classic close
certainty, by
a window, opened
from outside in
a dream, to linen
and limes, the dry
air of softly taking
or giving in to
the caustic glow of
dull cloud high above
their rain, its pieces
in exchange, back
and forth as up
the evaporation
goes with all that
would otherwise
remain content
and obey the perils
of simple gravity.


                   ---Stephen Ellis

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