Thursday, May 3, 2012


Brian Richards lives in a small cabin, sans electricity or phone, on a ridge overlooking the Ohio River Valley. He is the sole proprietor of Bloody Twin Press, a letterpress operation which has published books by Tom Clark, Ted Enslin, Skip Fox, Howard McCord, Christy Sanford, Anne Waldman and many others. He has published a number of books of poetry, most recently Enridged from the University of New Orleans Press.

She is free-
                     climbing a monolith thirty feet or so above a brushy slope
            its angle of ascent maybe thirty feet the wrong side of vertical
Sunny day behind and below but just her hair
            the anterior surface of her upper left arm
            her left thigh muscle, the outside of her left knee
            the top of her left calf are splashed with light
 The toes of her left foot are lost in a divot
            heel in space, left calf almost horizontal against the rock face
            sinews strained to hold the weight striated with light
            as are the leaders above the knee
            thigh angled down almost forty-five degrees off plumb
Her right thigh a sliver of light along its top locked to the curve of the rock
            knee almost out of sight, lower leg in space
            triangle between her thighs and the rock close to equilateral
            but for the bulge of her pubes shading into the dark crack between her cheeks
            their compression spring holding her lower body in place
Her torso is parallel to the face a foot away
            her left arm horizontal shoulder to elbow
            forearm vertical to the knuckles lifting her small breast
            erect nipple almost in touch, fingers in a crack
            face-to-the-face profile utterly focused
Her long loose light hair provides a plumbline that preserves the thirty-degree angle to her back
            just her right forearm visible above her head
            hand a foot higher than the left clamping a narrow crack
            and almost to the top of the frame
How far she has to climb is impossible to say
            but she is apparently unconcerned with ceilings

                  'With you
my value is immense without you
I'm worth about' a crewcut buck in chemicals
though with bottled water above
a dollar a pint any body might be swapped for
a six-pack of budlite
                                     The inwards offer
the best chance to move if marketed by
the piece designated choice considering precedent
there is little to be made from selling organs used
to abuse as they have been made more
the leaky dehumidifier left behind
the Goodwill
                         The voice cannot be
transferred regardless of price only the eye
holds undevalued over a half century since
his orchids dropped the same
feral glee while in her
release a plea for succor
final offer to close the cry
the chance to ride him home for keeps

Chipmunk a peripheral imposition
afterimage headed into the den beneath
one of the treated six-by-six sills that found
the outhouse
                       the eye never catches
up but plots a path to satisfy
that indiscrete stroke traversing
the tangential kiss of what I can say I saw

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