Wednesday, May 11, 2016



Fri. May 13, 2016
noon-2:00     Early Bird Registration (enjoy the site)
2:00-3:00      Nature Walk: haiku moments
                       (an outdoor ramble of roadside, fields and woods at Gell Center)
3:00-6:00       Registration ongoing in Main Lodge
3:30-4:30       Beginning Poetry Circle (one poem from each poet)
4:30-4:40       Poetry reading Marge Merrill
4:40-4:50       Poetry reading Maril Nowak  
5:00-6:00       Light Dinner Served (soup, bread, green salad)
 6:00-6:05      Alan Casline: Welcome
6:05-6:15       Poetry reading: George Wallace 
6:15-6:25       Poetry reading: Stephen Baraban
6:25-7:35       Gallery Six Reading Reenactment (with John Roche, Michael Czarnecki, Nick Eckerson, Dwain  
                       Wilder, George Wallace, Michael Peters, ryki Zuckerman, etc.)  
7:35-8:35       Panel: Beautitude: (George Wallace, Kerouac’s holy goof; Alan Casline, Mexico City Blues;
                       Helen Ruggieri, Kerouac’s Haiku/Spontaneous Verse).               
 8:35-8:40       Martha Deed: Cloudburst thoughts and evening wrap-up
 8:40               Party 

 Sat. May 14, 2016

 8:30 Breakfast Served (oatmeal, cereal, fruit, bagels, eggs, etc.)
         Breakfast will be continuously served.
9:30-10:30        Remembering Ken Warren
10:30-10:40       Poetry Reading: Howard Nelson
10:40-10:50       Poetry Reading: Jane Sadowsky
10:50-11:00       Poetry Reading: Michael Peters
11:00-11:10       Poetry Reading: Helen Ruggieri
11:10-11:20       Poetry Reading: David Landrey
11:20-11:30       Break   
11:30-12:30       Panel: Beatniks: John Roche, on the road(ghosts); 
                                     Alifair Skebe, On Diane DiPrima, Steve Tills, Reading Jim McCary             
12:40-12:50       Poetry Reading: ryki zuckerman
12:50 -1:00        Poetry Reading: Nick Eckerson

 1:00 Lunch Served (cold sandwiches bag lunch)
 Open Time 1:00 – 3:45

Tour in Finger Lakes Watershed with Steve Lewandowski (optional)
Steven Lewandowski will lead us on an expedition to Canadice Lake

Keeping Still: Find a spot and stop. Sit still for at least 15 min. but do not check the time (optional)

4:00-4:10        Poetry Reading: Gretchen Schulz
4:10-4:20        Poetry Reading: John Berry
4:20-4:30        Poetry Reading: Martha Treichler
4:30-5:35       Panel – Beats and Beyond: David Landrey, On Joel Oppenheimer; ryki zuckerman, On Joy  
                                     Walsh, Janine Pommy Vega, Ann Waldman,  Alifair Skebe and David Landrey, On  
                                     Denise Levertov
5:35-5:45         Poetry Reading: Robert McDonough 
5:45-6:15        Elegy for the Road/Kerouac’s Ghost(performance) Michael Czarnecki and Sue Spencer
 6:15–7:00       Dinner (hot vegetarian etc.)
 7:00-7:10        David Yockel
 7:10-7:20        Dwain Wilder
7:20-7:30         Leslie Gerber
7:30-7:40      Colleen Powderly
7:40-8:00-    Music, Songs, and Poetry by Tamar Samuet-Sigel        
 8-10 -          Open Mic hosted by John Roche (by sign-up, those not otherwise slotted during conference to go first)
                     Bring a poem by a beat poet to read as part of your open mic presentation
 10-10:10   Wrap-up John Roche
 10:11- 12:00 Campfire Party
12:00-?          Midnight open mic until we run out of poems

 Sunday May 15, 2016

 9:30-11:00                Brunch (like Saturday Breakfast)
 9:30-ongoing          Trade Fair
10:30-10:40              Poetry Reading: Alifair Skebe             
 10-40-10:50            Poetry Reading: Therese Broderick
10:50-11:00              Poetry Reading: Martha Deed
 11:00-12:40              Workshop: “How many Beats does it take to change a light bulb?
                                   led by Therese L. Broderick
                               Therese will help you to generate a piece of writing—poem, song, essay, story, love letter,
                                   blog post, or tweet—with a prompt that radiates from the numbers and equations, as well as
                                   from the non-quantifiable registers, of your Cloudburst Council experience.

 12:40–1:00               Further Round-Robin of Poetry.  Each poet read one poem

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