Monday, May 9, 2016

New Poem by Michael Czarnecki

Daily Spontaneous Poem #482
this moment
light snow falls outside
as I sit inside near woodstove
here on Wheeler Hill
I’m not only here watching snow
I’m on granite rocks above ocean
I’m in schoolhouse cabin in Cameron
with Terry, side of road Nova Scotia
talking with Uncle Ed at kitchen table
at Quaker draft counseling center
with Rhonda in backyard garden
hanging with friends in Dillon, MT
sipping whiskey in Louisiana with local judge
in deep conversation over Acadia campsite fire
sipping sake with Sue
on Adirondack road with Steve
Cadillac Mountain skiing with Dave
lunch conversation with Diana
up Conner’s Nubble with Carolyn
watching my kids come into life
walking in snowstorm with Elise
holding granddaughter’s hand
gazing upward for Perseid meteors
in living room with Margaret
on side of road in awe of Snowy Owl
at far edge of America, Pacific shore
by roadside memorial for Barbie
in Autumn woods with Michelle
at Lake Champlain shore bonfire
this could go on and on and on
so many experiences
so many people
so many places
part of past life
part of present life
part of future life

Michael Czarnecki

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