Monday, May 9, 2016


 Six Gallery Reading, Friday October 7, 1955 at 3119 Fillmore Street in San Francisco.
Reading poetry that day were, Allen Ginsberg, Phil Lamantia, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder and Phil Whalen. I read that you couldn't have a poetry reading such as this one today because these poets believed their poetry could change the world. Of course I don't believe we are still not writing poetry that will change the world but I think the emphasis and the importance of the Six Gallery reading is not overstated.

 At CLOUDBURST COUNCIL, the poets gathering are stretching beatward off and along there own roads to glory. A reenactment of the Gallery Six  Reading will be presented by John Roche, Michael Czarnecki, Nick Eckerson, Dwain Wilder, George Wallace, ryki zuckerman with the crowd to be played by our cloud.  It is too bad some of our most beat past participants aren't going to be here.
It'll be up to the old who have roots that reach back that far and to the young who all love "On the Road" just as much as I did to carry on.

                                  --Alan Casline

Photo ID from top left to right: Michael Czarnecki, Dwain Wilder, ryki zuckerman, John Roche, Michael Peters.

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