Monday, May 9, 2016



3119 doesn’t exist anymore except maybe
in Hopi or some other dreamscape
maybe in ye old hipster’s drunken stupor
sunlight inhabiting his sore eyes
pain in the brain cavity,
you awake to the next day
time and comfort indeterminable

the space was long and narrow like a bowling alley
now a renovation combined what was once Six Gallery
with the rest of the building.  “That’s cityspace”
a restaurant reviewer wrote when sketching the history
sadly only going back a decade or two reporting the change-over
from closed Kasa Indian Eatery to Tacko,
a restaurant with “Tacos/Lobster Rolls/ Burritos”
painted below the Tacko sign

There is no shrine but there is a plaque
3119 doesn’t exist except in the mythological present
the space was an auto repair garage,
a rug store (“Silkroute International”)

the shops change
couldn’t stop twice
in the same storefront’s foot mat

if I was there on the block of Fillmore between Filbert and Pixley Street
I’d have a whiskey at The Comet Club (Established 1912)
The Comet a time factor in the swirling maze that is memory

By the reality of this Club, next door to nevermore 3119
found in old photos and via Google Earth
The Marina District, once Cow Hollow
3119 Six Gallery Reading
Friday October 7, 1955 in San Francisco
sent out around a hundred postcards announcing the reading
Ginsberg wrote on the post cards
would be angels on the stage

                         ---Alan Casline


  1. I think a whiskey at The Comet Club will be on my schedule when I'm back out there this Autumn. And a bow to 3119.

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