Monday, May 11, 2015

Visit To Bare Hill Scheduled for CLOUDBURST COUNCIL 2015 Watershed Tour

                                                ON BARE HILL

Hard to find footing
by frozen pools
that will be vernal
in months to come

red cedar plumes
sprout and re-sprout
damaged by wind
and deer browse

their needles sharp enough
to prick even a callused thumb
crushing it for scent

where the west wind
tore out the lead
the tree forms a cup,
an uplifted crown

a bed in which
a body could be held
soul floating upward
from your branches

the summit ground by ice
swept hard and weathered
snow drifting in the lee
clouds streaming over
                                                                 --Stephen Lewandowski

                           poem appeared in  Underfoot, Mayapple Press, 2014

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