Thursday, May 14, 2015


PROGRAM CLOUDBURST 2015                            

Fri. May 15, 2015
noon-2:00     Early Bird Registration (enjoy the site)
2:00-3:00      Nature Walk: Flora and Fauna Identification  with Michael Czarnecki, Stephen Lewandowski
                       (an outdoor  ramble of  roadside, fields and woods at  Gell Center) Meet at front entrance to lodge.
3:00-6:00      Registration ongoing in Main Lodge
3:30-4:00      Beginning Poetry Circle (one poem from each poet)
4:00-4:10       Poetry reading Martha Treichler
4:10-4:20       Poetry reading Robert McDonough 
5:00-6:00       Light Dinner Served (soup, bread, green salad)
 6:00-6:05      Alan Casline: Welcome
6:05-6:15       poetry reading  ryki zuckerman
6:15-6:30       Soundscape Poetry by Judith Kerman
6:30-7:45       Panel – Grace and Poetry (Helen Ruggieri, David Landrey, Judith Kerman)
 7:45-7:55      Michael Czarnecki, poetry reading
 7:55-8:05      John Roche: Cloudburst thoughts and evening wrap-up
 8:00  Party 

 Sat. May 16, 2015

 8:30 Breakfast Served  (oatmeal, cereal, fruit, bagels, eggs, etc.)
         Breakfast will be continuously served.
 10-11:15 -  Panel- John C. (Jack) Clarke (John Roche, Stephen Baraban, Michael Peters )
11:15-11:25  poet  Howard Nelson
11:25-11:35  poet  Larry Belle
11:35-11:45  poet  Claudia Stanek
11:45-12.00   Blackwater Suite: Poems Set to Song (vocal & music) by Mark W. O’Brien and Gail Allen
12:10-12:20       poet Tamar Samuel-Siegel
12:20-12:30       poet Mark W. O’Brien
12:30-12:40       poet  Stephen Tills
12:40-12:50       poet  Marge Merrill
12:50 -1:00       poet Helen Ruggieri

 1:00  Lunch Served (cold sandwiches bag lunch)
 Open Time 1:00 – 3:45

Tour to Bare Hill Finger Lakes Watershed with Steve Lewandowski (optional)
Steven Lewandowski will lead an expedition to the top of Bare Hill (views of Canandaigua Lake & Seneca emergence site). A bit of poetry will be in the offering (each poet bring one poem to read)
Meet at front entrance of lodge for carpooling

 Book Making Workshop: For those not on the Bare Hill exploration in the same time slot Judith Kerman is doing a book making  workshop in the main lodge (optional)

Keeping Still: Find a spot and stop. Sit still for at least 15 min. but do not check the time (optional)

4:00-4:10            poet  Maril Nowak
4:10-4:20           poet  Jane Sadowski
 4:20-5:35  Panel –Keeping Still (Stephen Lewandowski, Alan Casline, Dwain Wilder, Alifair Skebe)
5:15-5:30            All One Song (performance) Michael Czarnecki and Sue Spencer
 5:35 - 7 Dinner (hot vegetarian etc.)
 7-10 - Open Mic hosted by John Roche (by sign-up, those not otherwise slotted during conference to go first)
 10-10:10 Wrap-up Helen Ruggieri
 10:11- 12:00 Campfire Party
12:00-?  Midnight open mic until we run out of poems

 Sunday May 17, 2015

 9:30-11 Brunch (like Saturday Breakfast )
 9:30-11 Trade Fair
 11:10-12:40  Looking Outward Paulette Swartzfager (activity facilitator)
 12:40 – 1:00  Further Round-Robin of Poetry.  Each poet read one poem

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