Monday, May 6, 2013



Fri. May 10, 2013
1:30-3:00     Early Bird Registration (enjoy the site)\
3:00-4:00      Lew Welch and Little Wigglies in the Stream with Stephen Lewandowski
                       (an outdoor visit to a small stream)
3:00-6:00  Registration
5:00-6:00  Light Dinner Served (soup, bread, green salad )
 6:00-6:15  Martha Deed:  Welcome
6:15-6:30  poet – Joe Napora
6:30-6:45  poet—Robert Podgurski
6:45-7:00  —break
7:00-8:00  Panel – Serendipity—Haniel Long (Alan Casline, Alifare Skebe, obeeduid)
8:00-8:15  poet—Bernadette Mayer
 8:15-8:30  poet—Michael Czarnecki
 8:30-8:45  John Roche: Cloudburst thoughts and evening wrap-up
 8:45  Party  (last year party was 10:00!)

 Sat. May 11, 2013

 8:30 Breakfast Served  (oatmeal, cereal, fruit, pastry,etc.)
         Breakfast will be continuously served.
 10-11 -  Panel- Memory Helen Ruggieri moderator  (David Landrey, Martin Willitts,Jr., Charlie Rossiter)
 11:00-11:15 poet—Bill Heyen
11:15-11:30  poet—Stephen Ellis
11:30-11:45  poet—Ryki Zuckerman
11:45-12:00  poet—Judith Kerman
 Noon- 1 Panel – Accumulation (Ken Warren, Stephen Ellis, Robert Podgurski)
 1:00-1:15 poet—Martha Treichler
1:15-1:30  poet—Steve Tills
 1:30 Lunch Served (cold sandwiches bag lunch)
 Open Time 1:30 - 3:45

Tour of Long Point,  Finger Lakes Watershed with Steve Lewandowski (optional)

 3:45--4:00 poet--Craig Czury
4:00-4:15 poet—Pat Schwartz
 4:15-4:30  poet—Colleen Powderly
4:30-5:30 Panel –Precedent  with Helen Ruggieri on Robert Lax; John Roche on W.H.C. Hosmer; Walt Franklin on W.W. Chrisman: Martha Deed on Adelaide Crapsey
 5:30 - 7 Dinner (hot vegetarian etc.)
 7-10 - Open Mic Reading hosted by Alan Casline and John Roche(by sign-up, those not otherwise slotted during conference to go first)
 10-10:10 Wrap-up—Ken Warren
 10:11 Campfire Party hosted by Michael Czarnecki


 9:30-11 Brunch (like Saturday Breakfast plus eggs and meat)
 9:30-11 Trade Fair
 9:45-11:00 Handmade Books Display and  Workshop led by Judith Kerman
 11:10-12:35 Panel:  What Have They Done to the Rain? with Joe Napora, Paulette Swartzfager,  Craig Czury, Philip Good
 12:20 - 1:15  Further

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