Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poem Written Since Last Year's Council, A Piece that Employs The Magic Citadel. by David Landrey

The  direction of the will in
the course of the twentieth century
is deeply disturbed.
—Robert Duncan, The H. D. Book (367)

To pay attention is to sustain the will
but can we? have we the currency?
or is it spent on other forces
on fields of energy brought us by …
          … by whom?
needs us to be distracted
desires the misdirection
the disturbance rumbling in the depths
gains and what?

Wealth driven upward into castles
armed and opposing the magic citadel
opposing any movement in the direction of
the will to face the familiar
to embrace uncertainty          doubt
the sweet mystery of being
and to tell it     sing it     live it
make it ours.
——David Landrey, Psyche and Ares 9, August 2012

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