Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CLOUDBURST COUNCIL 2017 Marge Merrill In Summation

Cloudburst 2017  —  In Summation

A nine hour closing ceremony? 
 Oscar India   Victor Echo Yankee !

Somewhere between two coasts
god is throwing a party
there is fuck you in the air
and sweet wine in the snow.

The white queen gossips
about valley girls waking up alone.

The beats shotgunning beer
argue there is no future only an infinity of options.
Squirming facts eavesdrops.
My poems are not poems
it was the shadow we thought shouldn't be.
Mark Twain interrupts, is there take out from Mockba?

Clark, Dorn, Henry Miller and other shades
speak of
letting go
making the way.

And the white queen, who is also a former social worker,
talks about children playing in the Trinotite sand,
little girls with soiled bandages
other children who dare in Anatolia.
And the marmalade acolyte shouts, Dear Lord,
don't call Social Services about this!

The Gunslinger takes a long pull from the bottle of Jameson's
and gestures wildly about the room with his 44,
settles his glare upon Horse asks, What do you think?
Whale …..............(drags out the word for a full minute and the Dahlai Lama joins in) finally says
there is a conspiracy of dust and pissed off elephants.
Women are the first environment
honor the sacred directions
even as just another American woman walking alone.

Charles Olsen asks, can I hunger for protein and justice?
You guys are nothing but slaves of appearances savages the acolyte
everyone in this country is a sort of Johnny Carson!

Are there any more Pacman Pistachios?
I'm married to the flywheels and gears.
Coyote always gets into trouble,
gambols with the dogs of the house.

The Muses have emerged from the dark
from the chaos
yeah, in a

Erotic sweet potatoes.  Who knew?
It is all balder and dash
ancient like Langston Hughes.
Oh, Shiva, my darling, which super hero are you?

Somebody feed the snakes!
The more ways out the harder to plan your escape
Take the beaten path to old man Slates still.
Fox, coyote, elk, buffalo and the Lakota elder
pay no attention to the stoned deer.

Franco likes Ike
something the color of puma in Minnesota
the righteous dude
with the attitude
tries the limits of sarcasm, delights cartoonists,
Joe recites warm underbellies
chickens, shit,
and make your own scratch.

The shades toast dead ed with coffee cups; happy birthday!
We may gain the secrets
what are your favorite things?
In my hand a snack I'd never seen.

Chief Wahoo opines
everyone looks better in a daisy necklace.
Take those selfies naked.

Marge Merrill

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