Thursday, May 1, 2014

Alan Casline poem in case you get lost on path to CLOUDBURST


What’s difficult is there is a path.
Lots of people have gone wrong this way.
You are on the trail
when suddenly it peters out, disappears,
there’s brush, there’s wilderness,
there’s no way ahead.
What happened?
Easy if it is just a trip to the watering hole
or a view not to be missed,
The trail will lead back
but sometimes it is determined, stupid people,
set on a way that “must be”
then panic, they’re lost, the way is lost.
If you’re with other people,
tell them to just stop for a minute.
By yourself do the same.

This is what I say
I’m not lost. I am just off the trail.
That’s all.
It is fairly simple, turn around,
retrace your steps,
go back the way you came
and before too long
there’s the path,
there’s your way
get going on it.
                                                                  Alan Casline
                                                                                September 12 , 2007
                                                               Blue Mountain Lake, New York

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