Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Interesting! I am finishing a new book and have a number of poems in this vein. See this one:

Let us
in these days
of old stones
of harsh sands
of sounds white hot
of searing sun
fill empty wells
dig deep into hard earth

Let us circle
this or that
punctuate our paces
leave this land of olives
depart before the departed

Let us be pilgrims
pray against
Allah or Yahweh
seek our own light
in these ruins
hide under crumbling arches
paint new languages
scar our souls into mosaics

Let us silence songs from our ancestors
plant wild wheat
find new waters
in lands undiscovered

Let us take our own gods by force
baptize ourselves
with our own hands
lie together on foreign soil
in tent or yurt
under open night

 ---Paulette Swartzfager

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